Updradftia Books is a non-copyrighting distributor of works of fiction by hobbyist and developing authors. Many of the works are fan-fictions, meaning they are stories made by fans of other universes.

Below are some of the Original Universes


Updraftia is a fantasy saga with wizards, knights, and fantastical creatures. It is slated for ten main volumes.

Author: Troy Carpenter


Zodiacal is a series which takes place is a Chinese world with the Chinese Zodiac serving as the base for Twelve Zodiac Kingdoms.

Author: Troy Carpenter


Trithos is a series which takes place is a Native American World centered around the three motivations, ethos, logos, and pathos.

Author: Troy Carpenter

Below are some of the Fan-fiction Works

Ninjago: Unplugged

Ninjago: Unplugged is a LEGO Ninjago fan-fiction. It takes place when the Ninja are adults and is more gritty and mature than the animated series as it is aimed at teens and older rather than children.

Author: Troy Carpenter

Dragons: Workers of Berk

Dragons: Workers of Berk is a How to Train Your Dragon fan-fiction. It takes place in the two years between Defenders of Berk and Race to the Edge.

Author: Troy Carpenter

Ninjago: Art of the Ninja

Ninjago: Art of the Ninja is a discontinued fan-fiction based on LEGO Ninjago. It ran from early 2017 to mid 2018.

Author: Troy Carpenter